Research, QI & QUIRCCY

We are hoping to improve QI and research collaboration across trusts in the region. We are therefore in the process of launching Quality Improvement and Research in Critical Care Yorkshire – QUIRCCY.

This is a trainee led initiative to allow for region wide QI projects and also to aid continuation of longer term single site projects as trainees rotate round the region.

Rob Ferguson and Selin Kabadayi are leading the project. If you are interested in getting involved, want to suggest a project or form links with QUIRCCY then please email For an informal chat about the idea please also see James Sira (LGI), Rob Tuffin (Harrogate) or James Beck (SJUH).

As a first project a snap audit of fluid balance and fluid management has been proposed, we will be developing the concept over the next few months. Please do get in touch if this piques your interest.


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