December 2017 Journal Club

Hi All Have a look at this month’s paper here Something to think about while we’re all overindulging during the holidays….. Cheers Rob “There’s also a nice review here; It includes the festive paper. How much pudding is enough?” “Hi Everyone Hope you all enjoyed the paper! I have to say that this is … More December 2017 Journal Club

November 2017 Journal Club

Hi all For this month’s club you’re getting 2 for the price of one! With the long nights drawing in it’s time to think about what we are all missing out on, namely Vitamin D….. Have a read of paper 1 here first then read paper 2 Without wanting to sound all new … More November 2017 Journal Club

October 2017 Journal Club

For October we looked at an interesting paper; ( Which suggests the possibility of alternative treatment strategies for Delirium, have a look and feel free to add to the discussion thread below….. “Hi All Hope you all enjoyed the paper and apologies to anyone who found it a bit “dry”! Basically it’s a retrospective study … More October 2017 Journal Club

Neurosurgery – decision to operate

In patients with a variety of acute neurosurgical ‘injuries’ the absence of pupillary responses, and failure of mannitol (or similar agent) to alter this, is often used as evidence for futility and subsequent refusal of surgical intervention (+/- transfer, if from a DGH). Is this a reasonable? A – A neurological “injury” worth mentioning, although not a neurosurgical one, is … More Neurosurgery – decision to operate