Journal Club

The first rule of Journal club……

January 2016 – FEAST

Feb 2016 – TRICC

Mar 2016 ARISE Summary and discussion thread

April 2016 ARDS (prone positioning) Summary and discussion thread.

May 2016 CESAR Summary and discussion thread

July 2016 FACTT Summary and discussion thread

August 2016 (NDMR’S in ARDS) Summary and discussion thread

September 2016 ARDS wrap up

October 2016 “Pharmacodynamics of a fluid challenge”

November 2016  “The CLASSIC Trial”

December 2016 LeoPARDS Trial

January 2017 Timing of Antibiotics

February 2017 Comparing Vasopressors

March 2017 Extubation Failure

April / May 2017 NIV options

June 2017 Lactate….

July 2017 Enteral Feeding

September 2017 Driving Pressures

October 2017 statins and delirium

November 2017 Vitamin D

December 2017 Hyperoxia and outcomes

January 2018 Peripheral Vasopressors

February 2018 Steroids in sepsis

March 2018 THRIVE

April 2018 High FiO2’s in ARDS

May 2018 Timing of RRT

July 2018 Beta Blockers in sepsis

September 2018 ALBIOS

October 2018 Arterial Line Position

November 2018 VASST

December 2018 Fragility Index

February 2019 Torpor

March 2019 PARAMEDIC2

April 2019 Managing AF

Disclaimer : The journal club is a forum for discussion and nothing more. The views and discussions posted here are NOT to be used or implemented without the consent and agreement of your consultant intensivist and/or department. There are also links to other materials provided on this site however Yorkshire ICM is not responsible for the upkeep or validity of these sites therefore we can not be held responsible for the information on them.

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