Expanded Case Summaries

Whilst the case summaries are no longer part of the curriculum we have kept this section of the site in case any of the summaries are useful for revision.

ICM Case Summaries Website

The Domains of the ICM Curriculum are as follows:

  1. Resuscitation + management of the acutely ill patient
  2. Diagnosis, Assessment, Investigation, Monitoring and Data Interpretation
  3. Disease Management
  4. Therapeutic Interventions / Organ support in single or multiple organ failure
  5. Practical procedures
  6. Perioperative care
  7. Comfort and recovery
  8. End of life care
  9. Paediatric care
  10. Transport
  11. Patient safety and health systems management
  12. Professionalism



Domain 1

Management of AF

Right ventricular failure

Therapeutic Hypothermia

Domain 2



Oesophageal Doppler

Domain 3

Management of cerebral sinus thrombosis

Steroids for ARDS



Domain 4

IVIG for Saureus

Citrate RRT



Domain 5

Proning for ARDS


Domain 6

Domain 7

Sleep on ICU

Domain 8

Conflict resolution

Advanced Directives

Domain 9

Domain 10

Domain 11

Domain 12

Alcoholic Liver Disease


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