December 2018 Journal Club

Hi Everyone This months paper can be found here : Enjoy! “Hi Everyone Hope you enjoyed the paper! I thought I’d end the year on a philosophical note by raising the concept of the fragility index (this is summarised beautifully here ( but if you don’t fancy clicking there; in essence it’s a tool … More December 2018 Journal Club

October 2018 Journal Club

Hi Everyone Have a look at this month’s paper here It’s food for thought….. Cheers Rob “Hi everyone Hope you all enjoyed the paper! I appreciate that this isn’t a very “academic” topic but it’s something that has always interested me, namely how reliable / robust are the numbers that we aspire to normalise? … More October 2018 Journal Club

September 2018 Journal Club

Hi Everyone Welcome to September’s Journal club, this month we’re going to be looking at that old chestnut Albumin….. Have a read of the paper here Cheers Rob “Hi All Interesting that the post hoc analysis of patients with septic shock at time of enrolment, did find a statistically significant difference in 90 day … More September 2018 Journal Club

May 2018 Journal Club

Hi Everyone For this month’s journal club we are going to have a renalĀ theme (Don’t all cheer at once) Have a look at these 2 papers asking the same question;   Prizes will be awarded for those who can spot the difference…… Cheers Rob “Hi Everyone! Sorry about the delay in … More May 2018 Journal Club

April 2018 Journal Club

Hi everyone Have a look atĀ April’s paper ( Ā something to think about when you are setting your ventilator targets on ICU…. Cheers Rob “Thanks Rob….I love papers about ‘over treating’ patients.   This is a good retrospective analysis and as the authors acknowledge it only proves an association between excessive oxygen therapy and mortality. This … More April 2018 Journal Club