The first rule of Journal club……

Hi Everyone

Welcome to our online journal club where we are going to try and recreate in the virtual world that cherished medical institution. We’ll be posting papers here and trying to generate a bit of good old fashioned banter…..

There are many wonderful FOAM resources out there that provide monthly updates of the latest journal outputs and we aren’t going to try and reinvent the wheel by repeating their sterling work. Rather think of this site as a long leisurely stroll around the overgrown garden that is evidence based medicine, picking out interesting papers (past and present) in the company of a slightly muddled elderly relative with a shaky grasp of stats…..

Just to warn you we’re planning to generate more questions than we answer……


So the rules

  1. No swearing, trolling, dive bombing or peeing in the shallow end.
  2. Treat every paper with the respect it deserves because lets face it even if we don’t agree with / see the point of a particular article it’s the end product of a lot of work by our peers and we are all on the same side people.

So have a look at our inaugural paper it’s just the most wonderful bit of work and ties in nicely with the current blog on too much fluid being a bad thing. Let me know what you think and I’ll chip in with my take on it too.

So ladies and gentlemen I give you FEAST ( …….


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